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Learn about Barrett's Esophagus

Adding Cellvizio to your diagnosis and treatment path of Barrett’s Esophagus can be financially beneficial in the short and long term; immediately, your procedure may be entirely covered by insurance depending on your provider. Long term, a more accurate diagnosis and care plan from Cellvizio saves you the hassle and cost of unnecessary follow-up procedures and appointments.

In the United States, Cellvizio is supported by a variety of insurers:
Covered and paid by Medicare and Medicare Advantage
• Covered and paid by several private payers

As an enhancement to your EGD, Cellvizio is billed in conjunction with this procedure. In other words, Cellvizio could be covered based on medical necessity and may not require prior authorization depending on the payer. To learn more about the cost of a Cellvizio procedure according to your primary insurance coverage status, speak directly with a physician via our Find a Physician Locator.