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Patient Stories

The words of patients say it best. Their stories are really the story of Barrett's Esophagus, how it is diagnosed with optical biopsy and treated. Read all the featured stories and watch patients describe their journey through Barrett's Esophagus

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Risk of chronic acid reflux, or GERD

Chronic acid reflux, or GERD, puts people at risk for Barrett’s esophagus.  It’s a change in the lining of the esophagus that, left untreated, can lead to cancer. If you have GERD or Barrett’s Esophagus, it is important to understand how Barrett’s develops, and the importance of a timely and accurate diagnosis so that prompt treatment can occur.


Studies Shed New Light on Esophageal Cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus

Every year researchers make exciting new progress towards a better understanding of the causes and risk factors for esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus.…

Expanding Cellvizio’s Use: Bringing Targeted Biopsy to Southeastern United States

We are working hard to bring Cellvizio to physicians and surgeons around the world,…

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